Town Salt/Sand Materials (Tailings): The Town of Brigham purchases salt and sand materials to create tailings for use on Town Roads during the winter months.  During our most recent snow events, a significant amount of the Town’s tailings supply has disappeared without notification to the Town. The Town is required to keep an inventory of the amount of material used during each snow event.  While the Town is aware of the amount of tailings used in our plowing efforts, it is impossible to keep accurate records when our supply is being taken without our knowledge.  Though we often have a supply on hand for residents to purchase by the pail (i.e., 5-gallon pail), this is intended to be offered sparingly and only with permission from the Town once we have assessed our supply.  If you have taken some of the Town’s tailings, please contact the Town as soon as possible to report your usage of materials. All use of these materials should be requested prior to obtaining any materials by contacting Royce Nelson at (608) 319-5398. 


Fiber-to-Home Broadband Grant Update

The Public Service Commission held an open meeting on 6/23/2022 to award FY2022 broadband grants.  

MH Telecom, LLC dba MHTC applied for two grants in the Town of Brigham.  The Town of Brigham North grant was approved.  The orange shaded area of the included image represents the grant area.

MHTC has indicated they will begin engineering the project immediately and ordering the necessary hardware to complete the project to bring fiber to the home.  The construction is expected to start Spring 2023.

More information will be shared as it is made available.