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Public Works Contact Info

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1. Can I contact the Public Works Dept. via Cell Phone?

Yes - that # is: 608-235-9322

Dog License

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1. Does my dog need to be licensed ?

Yes - every dog in the Town of Brigham, that is older than 5 months - must be licensed EVERY year. Stop by the Town Office to license your dog.

Building Permits

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1. Do I need a building permit?

There are various rules on when you need a building permit and when you don't. It is best to contact the building inspector, Mike Fenley, at 608-963-0652 to be sure.

Private Snow Plowing

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1. Will the Town plow my driveway after a snow storm?

Yes, After all town roads have been plowed and cleared. The Town will charge a fee to do this.

Property Taxes

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1. Where do I pay my 2nd installment of my taxes?

The 2nd installment must go to Iowa County @ 222 N. Iowa St. Dodgeville WI 53533 You can call the County Treasurer to verify the amount you owe: 608-935-0397.


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1. What is the deadline for getting something on the Meeting Agenda?

The deadline will always be 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

2. When are meeting minutes posted to the website?

The minutes are not posted until the respective board has approved the "draft" minutes.


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1. Does the Town offer anywhere to dispose of all kinds of junk and garbage ?

The Town of Brigham offers CLEAN UP DAYS twice each year. One is in the spring and one is in the fall. Check our calendar for any scheduled dates.